Marketing to Generation Z Conference

Your New Market Is Here
October 6, 2016, NYC

Gen Z:

• 2 Billion Globally
• 25% Of Current US Population
• First Majority Non-White US Generation
• 40% Of US Consumers By 2020
• Spend $44 Billion Annually
• Influence $600 Billion Annual Family Spend

New Location, Expanded Seating

YOTEL, 570 Tenth Avenue, NYC

2 Conferences 1 Price!

Save 30% On Each - $2,200.00 Total
Register for both M2Moms® & The Marketing to Gen Z Conference
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Networking Reception
Sponsored by C+R Research


Marketing to Generation Z - October 6, 2016

New Location: YOTEL, 570 Tenth Avenue, NYC

(Revised September 15, 2016)
 8:00 am   Registration/Breakfast
 8:45 am   Welcome & Opening Remarks
Nan McCann, President, PME Enterprises, LLC & Co-Founder, Marketing to Gen Z Conference
 9:00 am   Opening Keynote: 8 Seconds
J. Alison Bryant, Ph.D., CEO, PlayScience, PlayLab & Sandbox - Activating Generation Z: What You Need to Know to Win the Future
 9:30 am   Gen Z vs. Millennials
Mary Mcllrath, Ph.D., SVP, C+R Research - Shattering Stereotypes of Generation Z
 10:00 am   Numbers Don't Lie
Bill Alberti, SVP, C Space - Future-proofing Marketing, from A to Gen Z
 10:30 am   Networking Break - Sponsored by C Space
 11:00 am   Family Impact - Gen Z Passion Points
George Carey, Founder/CEO, The Family Room - Fresh Insights and New Ideas for Marketing to the Gen Z Heart, Not Just it's Head
 11:30 am   Point of Sale
Stephanie Wissink, Managing Director, Piper Jaffray; Conor Begley, Co-Founder, Tribe Dynamics - Where does the purchase decision begin? It might surprise you...
 12:10 pm   Tech Is Destiny - Born digital!
Kelly Palmisano and Lorianne Lacey, Vice Presidents, Client Strategy, Influence Central - The Rise of Generation Z: A Matter of Influence
 12:40 pm   Networking Lunch- Sponsored by C Space
 1:30 pm   Diversity - The First Non-White U.S. Majority
Delmus Credle, Director of Strategic Planning, Sensis
The Cross-Cultural World of Gen Z
 2:00 pm   The New Youth Influence
Therese Caruso, Managing Director, Global Strategy + Insights, Zeno Group
Getting to BFF: A New Playbook for Connecting with the New Youth Generation
 2:30 pm   Do Brands Matter to Gen Z?
Patrick Finnegan, Born Z & Gen Z Brand Consultant - Don't Count On Z Loyalty!
 3:00 pm   Creative Messaging to Digital Natives
Ken Habarta, VP, Cultural Strategy, Sparks & Honey - Gen Z in 2025: The Final Generation
 3:30 pm   Networking Break - Sponsored by C+R Research
 4:00 pm   Case Study
Amy Henry, SVP, Strategic Planning, Strottman - Building Loyalty at Lowe's: A Build and Grow Case Study
 4:30 pm   Case Study
Samra Brouk, Business Development Director, - Making the World Suck Less
 5:00 pm   Closing Remarks - Nan McCann, Pres., PME Enterprises, LLC & Co-Founder, Marketing to Gen Z Conference